Pangkor International Run 2018 is proposed to be held at Coral Bay Resort, Pangkor Island, Perak on 8th July 2018. As a reward, the champion will bring home a cash prize of RM 1000. Pangkor International Run 2018 held is to develop a healthy living awareness through sport that we want to apply among our communities.
Pangkor International Run 2018 is a run competition that is participate by all ages. Pangkor International Run was held in 2017 and 2016 at Pangkor Island and has received remarkable response. Hence, the organizer plans to continue the program by creating Pangkor International Run 2018.
It also aims to produce generations who like to be healthy and able to practice in their daily lives. It is expected that 1000 participants will join Pangkor International Run 2018 on that day.


• To open space and opportunity to society in showing their talents in a healthy way
• To raise awareness about the importance of having a healthy lifestyle and along with that the ways of how we can live in a healthy way
• To realize a platform for the community to showcase their potential talent in sports
• To improve social interaction and to produce a healthy generation
• To understanding the importance of a healthy lifestyle among the participants
• To increase the tolerance among participants towards people with few opportunities or coming from a different cultural background
• To elaborating a strategy for promoting a healthy lifestyle inside the communities of partner countries
• To raise awareness about the importance of civic involvement, both at local / national and international level, and about the importance of respect towards other
• Provide awareness to the public to fill their free time with doing healthy and beneficial activities